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Home Remodeling FAQs


Does every remodeling job need a permit?

  • As a general rule, renovation work that involves alterations to a building's existing footprint will require a permit. This includes electrical, plumbing, or even adding new windows to a wall that's already in place. In Florida, for most jobs that are considered a significant home repair or remodeling projects, the law requires a permit. Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida adheres to the requirements of the industry and local, state, and federal building laws, and will secure the necessary licenses.

How important is it for my remodeling contractor to be licensed and insured?

  • The bottom line is that there is never a good reason to let anyone lacking proper insurance and licensure to work on your home. This includes DIY work or letting a friend's cousin who used to work in construction take a stab at your renovation work. Hiring a professional with the necessary credentials ensures that you get the job done correctly and that you're protected against property damage or personal injuries. Plus, a licensed professional will meet the requirements of the city and government.

When is the best time to remodel my home?

  • Want to know yet another bonus of living in the Sunshine State? The year-round good weather makes it easier to start remodeling projects at any time. Typically, it's best to avoid certain projects, like footings, when it's too wet or too cold. Also, being able to work indoors at the peak of summer heat in the Fort Myers area is best, but not required. More than likely, we can begin your project once we complete the consultation, and you give the go-ahead.

How long does the remodeling project take?

  • The length of time that your remodeling project will take depends on the type of job that it is. For instance, cosmetic work averages around three days up to 3 months. A more involved renovation job clocks in at around a few weeks to half a year. For more intensive remodeling projects, you're looking at about six months to over a year. When we meet for your consultation to discuss your specific job, we'll be able to give a more accurate timeframe.

How do you keep dust from going everywhere during remodeling?

  • As industry professionals, we need to keep our clients happy. A critical way to make your remodeling experience more pleasant is to minimize the dust. This can be a requirement for households where anyone has allergies, asthma, or respiratory conditions. We use dust covers to protect furnishings that remain in the space, if any, and create dust barriers to prevent construction dust from making its way into other areas of your home.

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